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The Master's degree rule

In connection with the repeal of the degree programme cap, the so-called ‘Master’s degree rule’ will be reinstated as of 1 March 2020 and will come into force starting with 2020 summer admissions.

Under this rule, if you have already completed a degree programme which is equivalent to a Danish Master’s degree in level and length, you can only be admitted to another Master’s degree programme if there are available places on the programme after all of the qualified applicants who have not already completed a Master’s degree have been admitted.

The rules apply regardless of what country you took your Master’s degree in. The rules contain no transitional provisions.

Exemptions may be granted

The university can grant exemptions from the rule.

The university may grant an exemption if it finds that there are special circumstances, such as serious illness, which prevent you from using your completed Master’s degree to find work. Being unemployed or having a general desire to switch careers is not a valid ground for an exemption.

If you are granted an exemption, you will have a right to apply to one or more Master’s degree programmes on an equal footing with other applicants, as long as you meet the degree programme’s admission requirements.

Exemptions will always be granted on the basis of a specific individual assessment. In practice, the university will only be in a position to grant exemptions from the rule in exceptional cases.


To apply for an exemption from the Master’s degree rule, use this form. Fill it out and upload it along with the relevant documentation together with your application for admission in the application system.

It’s important that you upload all of the relevant documentation so that we have sufficient material to base a decision on when we consider your application.

Required documentation

1.      Documentation of yourpreviously completed degree programme

2.      Documentation of unusual circumstances and loss of earning capacity, for example in the form of a medical certificate or medical records.