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Assessment of your qualifications

You must apply for admission to find out if you are qualified for a specific Master’s degree programme

The staff of the Admissions Office is generally unable to determine in advance whether or not you are qualified for admission to a specific Master's degree programme.

This means you must apply for admission in order to receive an assessment of your qualifications for a specific programme, unless something else is stated under the admission requirements for the programme in question.

Generally, admission to a Danish Master’s degree programme requires a Bachelor’s degree within the same specific area of study (except for a few programmes within the humanities that admit students from different areas of study).

There is no list or overview of Master’s degree programmes you can apply for with a specific Bachelor’s degree. To find out which Master’s programmes you can apply for, you have to look at how the admission requirements may match the contents of your Bachelor’s programme.

A pre-assessment of your foreign Bachelor's degree

The Danish Agency for Science and Education provides assessments of non-Danish degrees, diplomas and certificates and information about international recognition of qualifications.

Such assessments are very useful if you live in Denmark but completed your qualifying degree in a non-EU/EEA-country. If you do not live in Denmark, you should NOT apply for an assessment from The Danish Agency for Universities and Internationalisation. 

The assessment offered by The Danish Agency for Science and Education is a brief statement saying what your foreign qualifications correspond to in Denmark: Which educational level and, if possible, which field of education. It does not guarantee admission to specific programmes, as you must always meet the admission requirements of the desired programme.

To see if your Bachelor’s degree corresponds to a Danish Bachelor’s degree in level and length, you can use this link to find information about your own country