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Danish language requirements

Students holding a foreign university degree applying for a Master’s degree programme taught in Danish must be proficient in Danish both orally and in writing.

It is a requirement for admission that you have passed Studieprøven after the completion of Module 6 in the “Danskuddannelse 3”. See an overview (in Danish only).


Students from the Nordic countries who have had Danish, Norwegian or Swedish on the highest level as part of their entry qualification (high school) are not required to pass a Danish language test. Icelanders and Finns cannot fulfill Danish A with respectively Icelandic and Finnish. The requirement for Danish A can be met by having passed the Studieprøven i dansk or by documenting a Scandinavian language that corresponds to Studieprøven i dansk. See the Nordic entry qualification subject levels.

Danish citizens with foreign entry qualifications (e.g. International Baccalaureate) are not required to pass a Danish language test if they can document that they have passed the Danish primary and lower secondary school leaving examination (Folkeskolens Afgangsprøve or Folkeskolens Udvidede Afgangsprøve).

Non-Danish applicants with a 3-year professional bachelor programme taught in Danish are not required to pass a Danish language test. The applicant must provide documentation that the programme was taught in Danish. 

The Study Test in Danish as a second language ("Studieprøven")

Studieprøven must be successfully passed with grade 2 in each of the four disciplines according to the new Danish 7-point grading scale, or if you have passed the test before 1 September 2007, grade 6 according to the former 13-point grading scale.

Please note that for some programmes the applicant is required to obtain a specific minimum grade in some or all of the four examination disciplines. This information will be stated under the specific 'admission requirements’ for the individual programme.

Studieprøven can be replaced by a written and oral examination at Higher Preparatory Examination (HF) level.

For further information and registration for "Studieprøven", please contact: CLAVIS.