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2nd round intake

Second round (available study places) summer admission 2024

The second round of admission is an opportunity to apply to Master’s degree programmes that still have available study places after the first round of admissions.

Below you can see which Master’s programmes that can be applied for in the second round (available study places) and who is eligible to apply for which Master’s degree programmes.

Admission requirements and selection Criteria

To be considered for admission, you must meet the entry requirements for the programme you wish to apply for. The study places are allocated according to the selection criteria described under each program. You can find detailed admission requirements and selection criteria under the descriptions of the individual programmes on our website.  

Reply to your application

You can expect to receive a response to your application in early or mid-July.

Apply for second round admissions

Some programmes are only open to applicants with a legal right of admission, while other programmes are open to all applicants. See the lists below for more information.
Please note that applicants who need to pay for their studies cannot be admitted in the second round.

Apply for available study places in the second round via this link. You can apply for second round admissions until Thursday, June 27 (23.59 CET).

English taught programmes only open for legal right of admission applicants

The following programmes can only be applied for by legal right of admission applicants.

Aarhus BSS:

- Economics and Business Administration, MSc - Business Intelligence

- Economics and Business Administration, MSc - Commercial and Retail Management

- Economics and Business Administration, MSc - Digital Business Management

- Economics and Business Administration, MSc - Finance and International Business

- Economics and Business Administration, MSc - Innovation Management

- Economics and Business Administration, MSc - International Economic Consulting

- Economics and Business Administration, MSc - Operations and Supply Chain Analytics

- Economics and Business Administration, MSc - Strategic Value Chain Management

- Economics and Business Administration, MSc - Strategy, Organisation and Leadership

- Business Administration

- Business Administration - Business Psychology

- Public Policy

- Economics

Natural Sciences:

- Science Studies

- IT Product Development

- Mathematics-Economics

- Geology

- Nanoscience

- Geophysics

- Statistics

Technical Sciences:

- Agrobiology - Agronomy and Environment

- Agrobiology – (Organic Agriculture - Animal Health and Welfare)

- Agrobiology (Animal Health and Welfare)

- Agrobiology – (Organic Agriculture - Plant Nutrition and Health)

- Agrobiology (for applicants with a professional Bachelor’s degree from Denmark)

- Electrical Engineering (Msc in Engineering)

- Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering (Msc in Engineering)

- Mechanical Engineering (MSc in Engineering)

- Molecular Nutrition and Food Technology

- Computer Engineering (Msc in Engineering)

- Civil and Architectural Engineering (MSc in Engineering)

English taught programmes open to all applicants

The following programmes can be applied for by all applicants (except paying applicants):

Aarhus BSS:

- Technology-Based Business Development (civil engineer)

- Technology-Based Business Development (professional master’s part-time)


- Cognitive Science

- English

For further information on the application process and admission requirements, visit our website or contact us directly at ma.admission@au.dk.

If you are interested in Master’s degree programmes taught in Danish, open in the second round of admission, visit our Danish website.