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Enrolment, CPR number and student card

Change of status: from admission to enrolment

When you have accepted your (conditional) offer of admission, the Admissions Office will initiate the process of changing your status from an admitted applicant to an enrolled student. During this process, we will move your personal data from the online application system to our students database and activate your Master’s degree programme.

It is a condition for remaining enrolled you meet all the admission requirements and other conditions for enrolment within the set deadlines. Students from non-EU/EEA countries must also have paid their tuition fees.

Read more about the deadlines for uploading documentation and final admission.

When does enrolment take place?

Your enrolment will take place some time between mid June until early July (summer admission) and in December/early January (winter admission).

When your enrolment is registered in our students database, you will receive an enrolment notification in the application system.

Please wait for your enrolment notification before you create a user on mit.au.dk (Self-service)! The notification contains information about how to access the AU self-service system and how to get your student card.

Access to mit.au.dk (Self-Service) and Student Self-Service (STADS)

When you have received your enrolment notification, you must log in to mit.au.dk (Self-service) to obtain access to Aarhus University’s Student Self-Service (STADS).

Do not create a user account on mit.au.dk (Student Self-Service) yourself. Please wait until you have received your enrolment notification in order to avoid having several accounts connected to you as a user.

The only exceptions are scholarship recipients and tuition fee-paying students who need to create a user account to apply for housing through AU Housing Service. These applicants are required to apply for housing using the preliminary CPR number which is assigned to their profile in their application for admission to the Master’s programme.

If you already have access to Student Self-Service (STADS), e.g. as an exchange student, please be aware that your enrolment in the Master's degree programme is connected to the (temporary or permanent) CPR number you used in your application for admission for Master's degree programmes.

The first time you log in, your email account will become activated, and you can now order your student card.

If you have problems logging in, please contact our Helpdesk by email on adm.it@au.dk or by phone on +45 8715 0911 for support.

Temporary CPR number

The key to mit.au.dk (Self-Service) account is your permanent Danish CPR (social security) number (ten characters, numbers only) or the temporary CPR number which was assigned to you when you submitted your application through our online application system (ten characters, a combination of numbers and letters).

If you have a temporary CPR number, you must apply for a permanent Danish CPR number after your arrival in Denmark. Our International Centre will assist students attending campus Aarhus in applying for one during the Intro Week.

Permanent CPR number

Everyone who lives in Denmark must have a permanent CPR number. The CPR number will be your primary source of identification when dealing with public authorities, banks, etc.

When you receive your permanent CPR number from Citizens Service app. 2-3 weeks after you have applied for it, you must notify Aarhus University using this web form: Change of CPR number

Holders of a previous Danish CPR number must contact the relevant Citizens Service and have their number reactivated.

You are required to do so within two months after your arrival in Denmark.

Aarhus University needs your permanent CPR number for merging the data connected to your temporary CPR number (your application and enrolment data) with the data connected to your permanent CPR number, including your address in Aarhus, which will be automatically updated through exchange of data between the Civil Registration System and Aarhus University.

When your data have been merged, your permanent CPR number will be your new identification key to your mit.au.dk (Self-Service) account.

You cannot graduate from Aarhus University without a proper Danish CPR number.

Read more about how to apply for a CPR number.

Student email account

On Student Self-Service (STADS) you will have a student email account at your disposal. All communication from AU to you will be sent to this email address. It is therefore essential for you to log in as soon as possible after you have received your enrolment notification in order to activate your email account.

You can read more on Email system at AU

Student ID card

The student card is used as identification at exams, as electronic access key to buildings and for student discount in cafes and shops.

If you do not already have a student card at Aarhus University, you must order your student card on mit.au.dk (Self-Service) when you have received your enrolment notification (see above).

Read more about the student card and how to receive it on Student card at AU

Commencement of study

General information regarding study start is available at http://studerende.au.dk/en/studentorientation/.

No later than the weeks leading up to commencement of studies, specific information on commence­ment of studies for your own Master’s degree programme will be available online. You can see the date(s) of the intro week and when the programme for the first week will be ready. You will also find the details regarding when and how your faculty or department will contact you with further practical information, if relevant.

Student Self-Service (STADS)

On mit.au.dk (Self-Service) you will find a link to your Student Self-service (STADS) where you can see details about your study activities, such as exam registrations, results etc.

Mystudies.au.dk and the student portal for enrolled students

Congratulations – you are now ready to commence your studies at Aarhus University.

From now on, your primary source of information on student life at AU will be my mystudies.au.dk. Here you can see your timetable, messages from BlackBoard, emails and get direct access too all the different sites and systems, you need while a student at AU.

For information on introductory activities for your new programme, and everything you need to know before you start, go to your Study Portal.

You can read more about how AU welcomes you during the AU Intro Weeks.

And please make sure to read the online Pre-Arrival Full Degree Guide.