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Master's Day 2022 is over.

After Master's Day - what now?

Here you can read about what you can do now that Master's Day 2022 is over.

Use your new knowledge to reflect on three tings:

  1. What is the most important thing I have learned on Master's Day?
  2. What do I now know is important for me when choosing a Master's programme?
  3. What do I need to look more into now?

Talks from Master's Day

Here you can watch some of the talks from Master's Day that have been recorded.

Would you like to know more about our English-taught Master's programmes?

You can read more about all our Master's programmes on their specific education page. You can also see when and where you can meet Aarhus University online or at an international student fair near you.

Ask about studies

Do you have questions about a specific programme, admission, how to choose a degree or how it is to live in Denmark?

Meet the students

Talk to students from your home country about what it is like to study at Aarhus University or ask current international students about the same programme you are considering.

Got questions?

Ask a student counsellor

You can get in contact with a student counsellor from every programme. It's a guidance counsellor who is also a student and know the programme in detail. You can find their contact information on the specific programme site on masters.au.dk.